The Santa Ana Barrier Free Park

Built by the Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana
in partnership with the City of Santa Ana


The Santa Ana Barrier Free park is a place where children with special needs can play alongside their
typical peers, while not being help back by the normal "barriers" that exist in most play grounds.




While most of us remember being kids and enjoying great summer days full of running, jumping, climbing and playing with friends, we know that not all kids get to participate in those things. It's for this reason that the Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana set out to offer an alternative for kids with special needs all over Orange County by building one of the first "barrier free", or accessible parks in the country.  

The Santa Ana Barrier Free Park features:

  • The Raul Ayala Jr. Sports court with adjustable basketball hoop 
  • Covered picnic areas
  • Wheelchair accessible playgrounds and structures
  • Camping Area
  • Community camp fire pits
  • Numerous paved walking trails

What's Next?


Currently children enjoying the park must cross the larger Thornton Park, to reach a restroom. For many of these children this is no easy task. The lack of accessible on site restrooms has also limited the use of the park for camping purposes. The Kiwanis Club is currently in phase 3 of the project which is set to raise $400,000 to install restrooms and lighting. 

We need your support more now than ever. Please contact Santa Ana Kiwanis member John Karpierz for more information. 

In the News:

"A Santa Ana Park Removes
Barrier to fun.
-OC Register

"Sports court for the disabled dedicated in Santa Ana"
-OC Register

"SANTA ANA : Disabled to Inaugurate 'Barrier-Free' Play Area"

-LA Times

Winner of Santa Ana Community Building Awards 2007.